About Knighton



Hello & Nice to meet you.  



I am a Timing Expert and Intuitive Coach. I assist people to develop, increase or enhance their intuitive abilities. I was a business strategist who now has a passion for applying my natural talents and skills in the direction of Attuning, Synchronizing, and Harmonizing people with the Magical Supportiveness of Life.


I possess a fair amount of psychic ability acquired over many years, that allows me to heal people from a distance, bless homes, property and businesses using my mind/will - often creating changes in a matter of minutes, see the roots of most problems and challenges while providing the solutions, and enrich the lives of people simply by following my Life's purpose.


I discovered my Life's purpose and did it the hard way. I overcame a 28 year battle with my greatest challenge and in the process I discovered the Secret of Impossible Success, &, the Magic of Life. I suffered from a horrible speech impediment called stuttering from the age of 6 to the age of 34. In order to survive and do my best to minimize the daily damaging effects of humiliation, from not being able to express myself verbally, I created my own system of speech.  


I trained and developed and accessed different part of my brain, different parts of my heart, different parts of my will power, and of course my mind, to make it through Life, and function like a normal person who has the gift of fluent speech.    


For 28 years I searched and searched and searched for the meaning of Life and the answers to win my war against my stuttering. I had only one true desire and goal in life and this was to be able to speak.  


It is all I ever wanted. Nothing else really mattered. It was as if I had something really important to say but I didn’t know what this was. There was this driving force that was always with me to keep pushing ahead no matter how bad the humiliation of consistently fumbling my words.  


My unorthodox life saw me begin a spiritual journey of sorts at age 21 when two migraine headaches, two days in a row, catapulted me in the world of the hidden, the secrets, and the mysterious world of the unknown. The migraines were brutal beyond words. 


All my travels during my 21 year journey at the time of this writing, revealed different truths delivered to me in some radical experiences; some which I will always cherish and others I sorely wish to forget. I write and speak about my experiences. This is the reason for this site, the products and services I offer, as well as the seminars I hold. Life has seen me hold the titles of Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Spicy. That’s Life or that’s my Life.


Some of the things I have witnessed, done, and accomplished are downright unbelievable and so sensational, you wouldn’t believe me if you learned of them. Actually you would if I explained how Life really works. I have had many mentors along my journey and they each have shown me these hidden, secretive and mysterious things I talked about above.  


But it was my first mentor who opened my eyes to the reality behind the smokescreen we call Life. She left me with a piece of advice or more of gift of wisdom when she said to me;  

“The only one you need is you.” 


It wasn’t until age 38, some 18 years later, did I realize what this meant. 


At age 39 I finally discovered what my true purpose is; what my destiny is, and it turned out to be not what I thought it would be. My 28 year battle with stuttering, the relief I sought from the pain of humiliation, my sacrifices I made pursuing the answers to Life, all my hardships, challenges, victories, defeats, successes and failures, and the search to find out who I am, all paved the way of me discovering the Magic of Life


All the twists and turns along the journey of my Life took me to places I never thought I would ever see, and experience things outside of my imagination. During the process of living my Life in pursuit of happiness, the impossible became possible over and over again. 


It is very clear the path that has been paved for me thanks to this thing called Fate. My life, as is yours, is a series of Fated events all strung together. The moment you recognize this is the moment you come into your power and the moment when Life suddenly supports you in miraculous ways. 


This path of mine is focused on something so few speak about; Time. I have discovered through all my experiences and mentorships that Time is the Delivery System of Life. Time isn’t what you think it is. It is many things including a portal to get your wishes fulfilled amongst others. Knowing how to unlock the secrets of Time is one of the greatest tools to possess and I have learned how to do this and present it in something I call the “Time Code” and "Knightiming".


The “Time Code” is the delivery schedule of Life outlined in SENSATIONAL Detail.  


The Time Code is a system or way of knowing just how Life supports you, when it supports you and why it supports you. All those years of struggling and battling with myself and against others I felt hopelessly alone and abandoned. This wasn’t the case at all for I was always looked after, protected and supported by Life and the people and places in it. I just had to lose everything I had and everything I was, including my identity, and my power along the way, and lose it all many times. But this is Life; my Life.  


Losing everything more than once meant I had everything to gain.   


The contents of this website, my reports, my writings, my products, my services and my seminars, I share with you what I have discovered in my journey(s). I sincerely hope the events that have shaped my Life and what I have learned from them will enrich your Life in many ways. If it weren’t for my stuttering and all my other challenges, I would not have anything of value to share with you.  


At the very least I offer you a different perspective of Life.  




Knighton Warbeck